Fireworks create the perfect finale for an event such as weddings or birthday parties. Many people assume fireworks can only be for New Years; however at our events promote the extravagant lifestyle, why not have fireworks at every event?

An event that features fireworks as part of their entertainment means that guests are more likely to have a memorable time compared to parties that don’t have them at all. Purchase the very latest rockets, sparklers and barrages online at the Fireworks shop. Click here for more information.

Different Types of Fireworks – What Suits You?

There are a range of fireworks available for any event, but deciding what type of firework would be the best for your party can be difficult. This is why we have created a guide on types of fireworks and why they are so popular. Contact us.

Barrages (Single Ignition Fireworks)

Barrages can create numerous effects, colours and sounds; they act as an entire fireworks display all in one. For events, people decide to combine multiple barrages in succession to create a thrilling display or for a grand finale.

Rocket Fireworks

Rockets can be purchased in an array of colours, which will alter the effects that is resulted from each rocket. To meet UK safety standards caged rockets are often protected with Pyromesh and can contain up to 180g of powder in one rocket. Find out more.

Catherine Wheels

Traditionally, Catherine Wheels are used to start the firework display off. Small sparks and flames emerge from the wheel once it has been set off – they create stunning spinning patterns. These are perfect for weddings or any other special occasions.

Catherine Wheels are competitively priced and are also great when accompanied with sparklers. In addition, they are suitable for any sized location, small or large gardens. Learn more about the safe locations for firework displays.


These fireworks spray illuminating sparks up to six metres in the air. It produces crackling sound effects too. These are ideal for events where younger children will be attending as they aren’t as loud and distracting as other options.

Fountains are ideal for beginning a firework display at weddings, parties, birthdays, and any other occasions. See: Themed Parties.